Saturday, April 17, 2010

You're a zombie.

It's been approximately... Forever since I've posted. I haven't had much to say. But now it's 12:30 Saturday night and I'm stranded in OKC watching Beavis and Butthead Do America.

Do you ever think life would be easier if we never had to talk to anyone? I swear to God I have some freaky form of social anxiety. I don't really actively like very many people; although I see the good in people, I just don't like them. I'd rather just sit home in my room with myself and my prose than be out on the town wreaking havoc.
Maybe that's the old woman in me. She comes out when I drive, I call her Judith.

I need help. I figured I'd use this as a way to clear my mind and gather my thoughts, but I don't translate to technology well. When I see a blank screen, it's like the white of the monitor consumes my mind and forces out all hope of rational thought. I become a mindless zombie. I think I'll stick to paper.

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